Finishing Kit

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Transform your 3D prints into safe and ready-to-use items with the Ackuretta Finishing Kit. A simple and effective wash and cure duo for post-printing: CLEANI and UV Oven.

CLEANI is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. With a workflow that’s three times faster, CLEANI consumes 50% less alcohol than a manual wash and effectively removes 90% of uncured resins from prints.

The Ackuretta UV Oven is a compact curing box lined with long-life ultraviolet L.E.D bulbs for enhanced curing performance. The reflective stainless steel chamber and bottom mirror surface provides even curing to all sides. The UV Oven has two modes, continuous and flash (10 flashes/second), to ensure all resins that react to wavelengths 365, 385, and 405nm can cure completely and efficiently, with strengthened print hardness. It is also suitable for Class I materials.

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