Support Plan

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  • Hours of Availability – Ackuretta Support is available during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST, but we will always make an effort to provide timely support to Ackuretta users around the world. When a priority Support team member is not scheduled in advance, Premium Support requests are handled by the general Support team.
  • Initial Response Times – Ackuretta will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target initial response time and beat it whenever possible. The time stated here is for the worst-case scenario. Again, we always strive to make sure users are satisfied.
  • Support Team – The Ackuretta Support Team are highly trained engineers and ready to diagnose issues in your environment. Our dedicated senior support team familiarize themselves with three primary contacts from your company to learn your network and environment. Please be aware that we make thorough records on the training and support we provide.

Ackuretta Support Procedure

The process for planning and delivering the Ackuretta support sessions is as follows:

  1. Gathering information – Upon receipt of payment, Ackuretta Support will send you a link to an online form. We respectfully ask that you complete the form to provide us with an idea of the type of training  that you would most benefit from. You will also have the option to upload a print file (i.e. STL or i3DP) to the server. A team member can then start any necessary testing and prepare for the meeting.
  2. Scheduling the meeting – When Ackuretta Support has sufficient information and a good understanding of your needs, we will then send you an email with a link to our support scheduling system. Please select from the available times and your preferred channel of communication. The scheduled meeting is added to the system. You then receive a confirmation email and an invitation to the meeting.
  3. Meeting – We meet online to resolve any issues or provide training that will ensure you can use your Ackuretta products to confidently print the dental appliances and objects you need.